The great corruption…

So today… something truly “amazing” happened regarding my pen drive with all my animations for our BBC short, my personal project and creative enterprise project… It got corrupted whilst someone was transferring files to a mac in our class room.

May i add that i am not the only one to have this happen to their equipment whilst using the same mac computer in class.

I had spoken with my lecture Alec about the situation regarding my lost files and i was recommended to go to a tech shop which i did as soon as it had been mentioned to me, there is a tech shop in Glengormley i have been going to for fixes and additional parts for computers in the past called The Tech Stop. They took my pen drive in yesterday and i was told they would try their best to get me my files back as much as they could, this gave me some relieve.



Today i got the drive back and i got the files back, all of them really but i cannot open any of them anymore sadly.

The technician told me something may had rendered the files useless now and even my lecture Alec took one of my maya files in an attempt to recover what i lost but even he had no luck so i am at a cross roads now.

Do i either,

A) Give up and let this huge set back take over me

B) Nut up, get as much done and hope i pass

Im gonna go with (B), i cant let my team down and hell ill even have to sacrifice marks on the concept project in terms to get this BBC short done as i feel it has a higher demand right now.

I cant let this get to me too much so once this blog is posted im forgetting the whole thing happened, if i dwell ill not get anything done at this rate. I want to say thank you to The Tech Shop, Alec Parkin and my group for helping me in everything they did in hope to get my files back – it truly means alot that you guys stuck your necks out for me.