Body Mechanic

For the second part of our assignment we are briefed to do a body mechanic,

“Body mechanics refers to the way we move during daily activities. Proper body mechanics can help you avoid injury and muscle fatigue. Follow these 3 guidelines of proper body mechanics: Bend at your hips and knees instead of your waist.” –

We are to explore stepped animation which should be fun yet challenging to do, i began to research into potential mechanics i could create for my mechanic piece~

Accessed – 19 – 10 – 16

Accessed – 19 – 10 – 16

Accessed – 19 -10 – 16

Accessed – 19 – 10 – 16

I love super hero landings in the movies – who doesn’t? Super satisfying to watch the main hero make their daring intro with a styled landing, from my research above it is apparent that the masters of the super hero landing go to the Marvel studios movies, literally all their characters at some point do the iconic landing whether it be the hero, or villain – either way great examples of mechanics in the human body!  i thought i could use this as my mechanic and began to make a blocked animation on it.

I figured i could do a landing something animal like, something like the Hulk super hero landing from The Avengers movies – this one particular how he lands on all fours them proceeds to compose himself before pummelling Loki~

After doing my stepped animation of the super hero landing i felt i was setting the stone down too quickly on it and wanted to explore some other potential mechanics~

i did this whilst in class one day during one of Alecs lecture tutorials, he was showing us ways on how we could do our animations – when he got a moment he came over and had a look at what i had so far and immediately knew what i was going for which was mechanic of a female character turning in a amused manor. Without any reference for this though i doubt ill be bringing it any further and doing something when i have the research to back it up.

UPDATE 31 – 10 -16-

Due to my Scene narrative group having a team member drop from the group we have been swamped with an over whelming amount of work therefore my mechanic has been neglected i say with a horrid feeling within myself.

I will be doing a run cycle as my mechanic due to my time budget being extremely low now at this point and i need to get things done for deadline day!

Running Research –

Accessed – 30 – 10 -16

Accessed – 30 – 10 – 16

Accessed – 30 – 10 – 16

Accessed – 30 – 10 – 16

Accessed – 31 – 10 – 16

(Animators Survival Kit, Richard Williams, 2001)

Despite my lack on time before hand in and having to get our scene sorted for the other assignment i have managed to create this run cycle whilst following the guide steps of the Animators Survival Kit – it really saved me in terms of creating this, like the walk cycle i started of with a blocked animation of the cycle then added the additional frames in between to clean up the cycle.
I am happy with this outcome regardless, it just bothers me i have to devote more time into the scene through pressure from someone dropping out of out team and causing us to work over time to meet the deadline by the skin of out teeth.