Environment Ideas For The Game

When it came to the base game it will be based inside a supermarket setting, so with that we also pitched the possibility of having other themes such as space, fantasy, history ect… where as myself and another team mate felt we should had stuck with the base game as it was already under developed as it was, we did not need to add to our schedule whenever we could spend the extra time making the base game more appealing and polished. We ended up doing another theme.

With that i started looking into the base game first.


We could have a level that leads like the shoppers journey, starting off at the beginning of the store, the player will have to navigate through the isles and avoid potential dangers that will knock them of the edge of the map or cart them off the trolley causing a GAME OVER window. We could even have a different game mode that the player will have to collect particular items in the store from a list and get them to the end of the level in one piece, this would add some diversity rather just the A to B objective game play.

There could be another level that reflects the ending of the shoppers journey when they leave the store and have to find their car in the big busy parking area that has moving traffic that can knock over the trolley and causing the game to lose, though these are just spit balls at the moment – i will forward these to Clair and John who’re working on level design. I am just helping with concepts until i get the models from Jakub so i can animate


One of the popular alternative themes for the game was a medieval market, i went ahead to do some basic 3D modelling and paint over them on Photoshop, we were shown this sort of technique from Alec in one of our lectures during this semester so i thought id give it a try and see what i thought and maybe this technique would work better whenever working on something like a short that requires key pose drawings in the scene to help with animating, i seen something like that in Blizzards breakdown on their Overwatch shorts once!



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