BBC project portfolio

First Robber Draft – 

Early Raider Designs –

Street Model – 

Street Props –


Lamp Post

Street Advertisement Sign 


HD Rendered Stills – 



What i contributed to the group –

  • Modelling of the characters
  • Modelling of the street and props within the street (Lamp posts and Signs)
  • Concept art of the character
  • Animation of the robber throughout the short
  • FX dynamics of breaking the window
  • Modelling of the plan sheet

Its been a good project between myself, Cassie, Caitlin and Eoin. We hit some speed bumps but we as a team got through and look forward to showing you the final rendered short in the earliest time possible!





Concept art portfolio

Matte painting of the world –


kalama watching over her land – 


Kalama and the lakes heart – 


Lost In Thought – 


Edge of the forest and to the highlands – 


On the edge of tomorrow – 


Grave dear friend – 


Compilation video – 


The concept project with Samantha was a fun one, honestly it was what distressed me from the pen drive incident and i hope that i have somehow pulled my way back to a decent level before hand in.

Me and Samantha had also agreed and were saddened by the lack of time we got to focus on this project due to the high demand from the BBC project and all the time we had to put into it instead of this but i digress, we did awesome i feel. Honestly check out Samantha’s stuff she made such progress with her painting and its lovely seeing how far we have came together nearly a decade on pursuing our goals as Artists!


Paintings and Final Outcomes

With the little time i had to catch up and the BBC project holding me down i felt i did pretty damn good for what i have to show here! Hope you enjoy~


For the starting of my concepts i wanted to do some quick sketched out thumbnails before setting stone down on what theme i wanted to go towards, i really liked the top left thumbnail as it looked very much like a Scottish highland, i also like the top right image of the dense forest with the one eyed pillars in the distance, i seemed very eerie with an ominous appeal to it.


I recommended to Samantha that even though we were to doing a simplistic style of the paintings before adding a parallax to them that we should try going out of our comfort zones, mine being one layered paintings on Photoshop. I attempted to make some rocks and a cliff with an entrance to a cave but i feel it came off too soft looking for rocks though i noticed in a tutorial i came across the Artists rocks had also looked rather soft, perhaps in some cases this is okay when the rocks are further away to indicate a depth blur?

I felt these tutorials will come in handy in future so i will leave them here for reference.


I prefer these three images above as they stay true to the Limbo appeal, some from class made comments that the Limbo aesthetic was not very tasteful but hey im calling that as just states of opinion since i absolutely love it!

My first attempt of the parallax effect.

Following this tutorial like religion i create the above parallax which in honesty was a breeze, it was also very fun to decide which way what image went and how it zoomed in or out. If i were to fix this i would make not make the movements as drastic.

My second parallax went alot smoother i felt, it had a point of interest (the character) and the layer work was easier to make the depth of the painting show better this time. I feel with the stress of getting as many done as possible is causing my paintings to suffer as the clean up of my work could be better when you really look at this piece.

With the evaluation of the last parallax i decided to really sit down, calm myself and spend some actual time connecting with my work and boy did it work! I am so happy with how this piece came out, i decided to add a very personal character of mine who is called Kalama – she is a canine hare creature i created back in 2011 and she has stuck with me ever since. The value of this painting is sentimental to myself as an Artist as i create my character through representations of me, Kalama being the happier side of me. In some ways you could think i have a character for each mood or emotion a person can think.

I wanted this parallax to have a point of interest and a subject looking at it to indicate to the audience that this is the objective of the painting.

This is the photo bash concept piece i create using the Pexel free stock images i downloaded from the internet, from liking the painting before i wanted to refine my Scottish highland inspired piece by allowing people see kalama and her world in a more photo realistic way.

One thing that completely past my mind when my tutor Alec looked at it he had mentioned it felt empty on the lake area and it hit me that i forgot to add the tree island in the middle of the lake! I will defiantly have to come back to this and update the piece as it does seem lacking not to mention the parallax seems to be moving too fast for my liking, i think this maybe because i tried out a new render setting so my renders would complete quicker.

Matte Painting – 


I uploaded this part to facebook for feedback and this is what i was given regarding the mountains.

  • too flat
  • too smooth
  • make more ridges on the edges


scenic views1.jpg

Alec also suggested i could do a matte painting as its a quick process that concept artists use to visually express their ideas also, so with that i wanted to refine my highlands even further and show how big the world is past the highlands, there are dense forests and mountain ranges!

If you wish to see what the mountain areas look like go look at Samantha’s blog for her pieces of her part of our world concept!

I found this technique awesome to work with but with spending so much time on it with detailing and rendering light cause the file unable to be given a parallax without it looking off – i also spoke with Samantha on this and she recommended keeping it flat too.