Researching into stylised aesthetic

Accessed – 24 – 11 – 16

Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

Animated by Jérémie Balais and Jeff le Bars

I love the style of this music video and Caravan Palaces general aesthetic of their music videos are incredibly tasteful for any audience with their cell shaded visuals. I feel we could achieve this effect via Maya by attaching simple Lambert to our models to make a 3d cell shaded visual something similar to the music video.

Accessed – 24 – 11 -16

Ori And The Blind Forest created by Moon Studios

Ori And The Blind Forest has such a beautiful colour palette and sense of depth in its level designs, i think we could use this style to achieve the 2d illusion we are looking for.

Lovely visuals created by Artist Yeo Yee Heng, he used Blender to make the models of the buildings but used 2D imagery for the background in the distance, very clever and i feel this would also cut away time used to create more 3D models. I defiantly think this should be done within our short seeing as it will be a town view and will need buildings in the further background to give the area for depth and charisma.


Accessed 25 – 11 -16

Cassie had told us about this animation created by Moonbot studios that i absolutely adore, using 3D models and environments to create a 2D effect somewhat to the two already researched animations above! We really liked this theme as a group and will be aiming for our short to be in 3D but have the illusion of 2D elements within.

I feel Cassie is most excited with this as her talent with lighting and general setting of animations are amazing – im pumped to see what we can all achieve together!



Presentation feedback

Today we did our presentations which im so proud and happy that everyone’s stories are coming out pretty good so far!

Here is a link to our presentation if you wish to have a look at what we had shown to the class and BBC.

Cassie had taken down notes from the critiques given, she also has a post on how things went.

  • Establish store for example; raider entering the building
  • Establish the characters before introducing a first person perspective. This will let the audience see more of them
  • Establish what the box is and what the value is of the box
  • How did he get in and retrieve the box
  • Have more actions for the driver
  • Revisit how time is interpreted for example; the driving scenes
  • Look at Edgar Wright (This one I have already done, just hasn’t been implemented)
  • Think of how users on mobile devices would see the resolution (vertical)

-Cassies notes from feedback from the class

Admittedly the tutors had their issues with how the layout of the short was coming across though to our surprise it was favoured by the BBC – perhaps we should stick to what the client wants rather than our tutors? Regardless they are our clients for the project so maybe it is best to stick to the changes on what they want as a whole.

They particularly loved the use of the split screening and the contrast of information between the two characters, at the same time i think we should heed the advise given to use from the Alec and Micheal that too much information between the split screens can come across disorienting for the audience.

But then again that can be argued as it has been used in hit programs such as Rick and Morty.


After the presentations and our group came together it was decided that we will limit the use of this split screen effect and maybe lean towards how it was implicated in Kill Bill Vol One.


For now i believe we will begin to research into what art style we will be attempting and camera aesthetic as well as how we can further the short as a whole.

As for beginning the modelling process i will be tackling the main street that will accommodate the army store that Caitlin will be making. Eoin will be creating the car and Cassie will be tackling the house that the robber lives in.

Combining the images files and creating the animatic

After getting the files from Eoin i compiled the images together using Photoshop before putting them through After Effects for Caitlin to apply the sound and get the timing down.

Here is the animatic when put together, the sound and timing added and to be honest i think its pretty good so far, i especially like how the contrast of information between the two screens that one side, the driver is calm collected and generally mundane whereas the other side, the robber is chaotic and quick paced in comparison.

Spending so much time on the 2D animatic left us with little time to work on the 3D animatic of the short although i felt we conveyed the cameras reasonably well considering our time budget, i absolutely love the use of cross over between the two characters, i feel it adds that little bit more detail that we get to see the two and establish who they are as characters in the story.

Environment research

Before me and Samantha are to start painting we wanted to establish a style of painting, so i began to bring together some inspiration from YouTube.

Inside is a game make by the same creators that make the hit platform game, Limbo. Play dead’s style for this game is very monotone and little saturation with colour – seeing as my colouring is a little rusty i felt it would be safer to work with darker tones, greyscale if anything.

I had to add Limbo, another game made by playdead studios its grayscale but the layered imagery makes me think that it would work perfectly with the parallax effect.

Ori And The Blind Forest created by Moon Studios

I think if i were to add colour to the pieces it would be in the style of Ori and the blind forest, the developers were inspired by Limbo but wanted to have a bigger depth of field and most importantly of all, colour!

Deadmau5, Ultra Records, EMI. Official Music Video produced by Qudos Animations.

Director – Manroop Takhar
Producer – Warren Green
Coordinator – Hernán Weisz
Art Director – Matias Perez
Head of Animation- Santiago Trillini
Composition – Pablo Penchansky & Rodrigo Reinoso
3D Department – Alexis Fioretti & Agustín Giannitti

Got to love the style of the Veldt, a music video in memory of a friend and the visuals really convey a lovely conncection between the two characters!

Caravan Palace – Lone Digger – Animated by Jérémie Balais and Jeff le Bars

Studio Killers wrote, produced and performed “Jenny”, with additional songwriting done by Rob Davis. Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink made the instrumental beat, while Chubby Cherry wrote the melody and lyrics and performed the vocals. According to Chubby Cherry, this was one of the songs she wrote before forming Studio Killers. It was inspired by a crush Cherry had on a person named Jenny. She said the lyrics “sort of changed along the way because [Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink] added some of their feelings with my feelings and it became kind of intriguing.” About the song having to do with lesbian relationships, the most discussed topic in Finland at the time the song was released, the group thought “it should be nothing to shy away from.” Lyrically the song describes a relationship with two women, in which one of them, Jenny, has a boyfriend. According to Popmatters writer Ryan Lathan, “it appears her dearest pal is stealing things out of her room and sleeping with her shirt as if it were a pillowcase. [The narrator] then is suggesting Jenny “forget those amigos” and shack up with her.”





Creating the Animatic for the short

Before tackling the animatic drawings i needed to have our key thumbnails from the whiteboard which Caitlin was a dear and got my this image below of our quick sketches.


We met up and sketched out the key frames for the animatic which on the image about admittedly aren’t too great but myself and Eoin knew where to go with them, i may add that i will be doing the frames of the driver in their car and Eoin will be doing the raiders frames.


These are my frames done with some writing to explain what is to happen in and between the motions, our group wanted the driver to do quite mundane actions such as tapping on the steering wheel and checking for the robber coming to the car.

I will be combining mine and eoins frames together when i am given his files.




Setting on the stone for the final idea

So after talking with the group we have a set idea to work on and how we plan to visually bring out the story of the script, Cassie had mentioned we could visually represent the short in a style something similar to Quantic Dreams video game, Heavy Rain – a psychological video game made for the player to make real time discussions and how those choices will effect the game in the end (even though you can let the game play and do nothing and get the exact same ending).

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

Cassie particularly liked the way the interiors of the game were created, she described it as if the rooms had truly been lived in and had the visual information from worn walls, dirt and worn decor. I like the idea that the robber could live in an accommodation like this, i generally like darker settings personally.

We also discussed how the short could be entirely first person which sparked a huge interest for myself, something like this could make the short that much more immersive for the viewers to understand the situation that the robbers are in!

We talked about movies and games that implicated this effect.

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

Hardcore Henry (2016) is a action movie made entirely in first person, personally have not seen this movie but hey the research shows something we could go with!

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

The Doom movie (2005) had a feature toward the end when the main character went from a third person to a first person perspective of their journey towards the ending of the film, i especially like how the animation is used to give that video game appeal with the motion of the gun – very COD if you ask me.

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

Parkour and drama in this Mirror’s Edge Catalyst story trailer, re-introducing free-running protagonist Faith in this Mirror’s Edge origin story. Subscribe for more Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailers and gameplay:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes out on release date 24 May 2016 (US) and 26 May 2016 (EU) on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Cant have first person research without the most immersive first person free running game out there! Mirrors Edge has stunning visuals and gives a good reference on how we could use the first person camera to make the view feel more apart of the short if not even make them feel like the robber!

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

Another franchise that truly used the first person perspective to its advantage is 343’s (formally bungies) Halo games, a story that gives us a character without showing the audience their face (Not until after the events of Halo 4) making us wonder who this man is – typically back when Halo was given to us on the original Xbox, Bungie wanted us, the gamer to feel like were the identity of Spartan 117 Master Chief but it was not until the story progressed that the mysterious Spartan began to get his own identity and is now known to us as John.

I feel we could use this sort of appeal within our character, not to give it a identity but play on the feeling that we ourselves could be the character.

Accessed – 10 – 11 -16

We also looked into split screening and how this could be to main transition between our two robbers seeing as one will be doing the raiding within the army store and the other being inside the getaway vehicle waiting for their partner in crime!

Cassie mentioned the scene in Kill Bill Volume 1 when the build up of the assassin making her way to kill the main character, i love that the information is spread out enough that the audience can connect the dots on whats to come and in some ways build suspense.


Further research into concept art

Today myself and Samantha went onto YouTube to look into more parallax for inspiration toward what we would like to make as a team.

Accessed – 07 – 11 -16

Renaissance is a personal project I did using some renaissance arts. This is a montage of 2.5D animations created for CEADE LEONARDO college.
This is not a commercial project.

Created by an Artist called Koke he make the Renaissance into a parallax which is just mesmerising to look at!

Accessed – 07 – 11 – 16

This is the 2.5D parallax effect. Created by Binks, this video was made using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. Blending multi-layer photo editing, video editing and motion graphics, this piece of art is a symbolization of evolution, “A duck fly’s and is brought to life, is it a dream?, is it a nightmare? or is it evolution?”-Jonathan Zrout

A little different than your usual parallax videos that tend to be slow motioned but this one breaks tradition and is quite fast, perhaps we could make this work in some way depending what sort of things we will be painting.

Accessed – 07 – 11 – 16

Accessed – 07 – 11 -16

All of the Mortal Kombat X video game has the parallax video technique, i chose these two character as who does not want to see the predator and alien fight in Mortal Kombat?

Accessed – 07 – 11 -16

Had to throw this into the research as its probably the slowest parallax you will ever see, but the movement is there if you look away for a moment then look back. Halo Reach is such a sentimental video game for myself and Samantha firstly because it was our first halo game we played together back in the 360 days and for its fun matchmaking…!

If you wish to see some additional research we make, have a look at Samantha’s blog!

Independent research for next meeting

This blog will contain content that may cause distress to some people (18+)

At UT Southwestern, radiation is delivered by an expert team of doctors, medical physicists, and nurses to treat cancer and other conditions. Patients are often surprised to learn there are several steps involved before radiation treatment begins. This video discusses each step and why it is important.

What to Expect: Radiation Therapy
A Patient Education Video Series: 7 of 7

Radiation Therapy 101
Common questions: How does radiation work? How does it kill the cancer cells but not the healthy cells? This module provides a short but useful overview of how radiation is used in the treatment of cancer.

The United States Public Health Service (Division of Radiological Health) in cooperation with the United States Atomic Energy Commission created this educational film in the early 1960’s to show the general public the health programs and other activities designed for protection against radiation. Film in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and at the Nevada test site.

Many of the safety methods outlined in this film would no longer be deemed acceptable.

Be sure to mention this one to the group as it is in the same decade when the robbery happened in Scotland yard~

“What is Radiation?” : How Nuclear Works: World Nuclear Association

“Three Types of Radioactive Decay”…

Thomson Higher Education 2007

Nordqvist, Christian “What Are The Effects Of Radiation On Humans? What Is Radiation Poisoning?” medicalnewstoday March 19, 2011

“Chernobyl Accident 1986” Chernobyl, Chenobyl Accident., April 4, 2012

“Radiation Effects on Humans” Effects of Nuclear Weapons.…………

Euromedicle. “ What happens in CT scan?” August 11, 2011

chmsoldier. “yellow hazmat suit” November 3, 2008

nuclearvault. “Atom Bomb Joe Bonica’s Movie Of The Month” July 30 ,2009

footageisland. “Radiation Sign- Green Screen Animation” April 4, 2012

MondoMedia. “Cat Slap – Radiation” April 21, 2010

KSUinformation. “Ionizing Radiation “Harmful effects of Radiation” P4″ January 13, 2010

radiation bath salts death DUI dec bryant marshawn lynch arrested

St. Louis Baby Tooth Survey, 1959-1970…
“The Baby Tooth Survey was initiated in December 1958 as one of the activities of the Greater St. Louis Citizen’s Committee for Nuclear Information (CNI). The Committee was organized in April 1958 by a group of scientists and public-minded citizens who felt that the community should be given accurate information on the known effects of nuclear energy and radiation.”

Who on Earth is exposed to the most ionizing radiation?
Check out Audible:
I’m filming a documentary for TV about how Uranium and radioactivity have shaped the modern world. It will be broadcast in mid-2015, details to come. The filming took me to the most radioactive places on Earth (and some places, which surprisingly aren’t as radioactive as you’d think). Chernobyl and Fukushima were incredible to see as they present post-apocalyptic landscapes. I also visited nuclear power plants, research reactors, Marie Curie’s institute, Einstein’s apartment, nuclear medicine areas of hospitals, uranium mines, nuclear bomb sites, and interviewed numerous experts.

I primarily wanted to look into the radiation side of things for our group as i felt we are going off the radiation theme a little which i personally should be the main focus of the short, i plan to bring this information back to my group and speak up on how many ways we can take the radiation route for the short – the informative video seems appealing to do but im open and happy to hear what everyone else has to say first as everyone has a good idea!

Inspiration from our group meeting

Accessed – 07 – 11 – 16

When talking to the group Cassie had mentioned Fallout as a good thing to look into which i could not agree more with because its Fallout and what is the main theme of Fallout? Radiation!

I watched this video and thought Bethesda were the creators of this “trailer” but after looking into the video it turned out to be an edit created by a fan and personally kudos to them for making a very believable trailer for the game!

Accessed – 07 – 11 -16

Here is another little video that Bethesda actually created for Fallout 4 which basically informs the player on what makes them special in the game, it was this that caused the group to debate whether or not should we make a informative video based of the script but in a stylised way that Bethesda give to the Fallout franchise.

With the talk of radiation i decided to look into what was possibly used within the illuminated watches from the script we had been given.

I came across this article on radioactive paint that was used on watch dials and hands, it seemed the most commonly  used radioactive paint was Radium.

Another article by Lenntech describes the health effects gained from exposure to Radium

Radium is naturally present in the environment in very small amounts. Because of that we are always exposed to radium and to small amounts of radiation that it releases into the environment.

Radium levels in the environment have greatly increased as a result of human activity. Humans release radium into the environment by burning coal and other fuels. Radium levels in drinking water may be high when it is extracted from deep wells that are located near radioactive waste disposal sites.

Currently there is no information available on the amounts of radium in air and soil.

There is no evidence that exposure to naturally present levels of radium has harmful effects on human health. However, exposure to higher levels of radium may result in health effects, such as teeth fracture, anaemia and cataract. When the exposure lasts for a long period of time radium may even cause cancer and the exposure can eventually lead to death. These effects may take years to develop. They are usually caused by gamma radiation of radium, which is able to travel fairly long distances through air. Therefore contact with radium is not necessary, for radium to cause health effects.


From what Lenntech say that small doses of Radium have little to none effects on a Human although large quantities can cause problems such as teeth fracture, anaemia, cataract and cancer which will eventually lead to death.

Still going from the Fallout educational video i decided to look into the effects of radiation on the human body and how it impacts our health, i found this video by a YouTube user that explains this in a good way.

Accessed – 07 – 11 – 16

Our body is made of billions of cells which are arranged to form organs. Approximately one and a half metres of DNA are stored in each cell.
DNA undergoes permanent attacks and there a numerous aggressive agents. The following can be mentioned: solvents and pesticides, combustion smoke, viral aggression’s, ultraviolet radiation, ionising radiation. All molecules can be affected by radiation, but it is when DNA is impacted that there are the greatest consequences for cellular operation.


Other ideas-

The group also mentioned a possible car chase short that explains the narrative as these raider or raiders escape with their radioactive prize, i thought it would be charming and humorous if we went with a chase something like this Volkswagen ad i once seen before watching a movie in the Cinema.

Our cars may be brilliant for the needs of everyday life, but their safety features mean they’re not so great for Hollywood blockbusters…

In this cinema spot we discover how our Anti Skidding Technology is made for real life, not the movies.

Learn more about our Anti Distance Technology:…

To follow the latest film news, chat to other film buffs and win film related prizes, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.…

Volkswagen is proud to support independent cinemas in the UK.


After the group discussion we jotted down the relevant information we needed and what could possibly make our animation short!


Accessed from Cassies blog – 07 – 11 – 16

I feel we are at a good start, just need to stay consistent and if we like something that we should grab and run away with it!

New project, new group!

We have a new project for the BBC and each group has been given a script from a news report to animate from what they interpret that story visually. I am now in a group with Cassie Galloway, Caitlin Collins and Eoin Monaghan – lovely composition from the lectures i must say, I’ve worked along Cassie and Caitlin before and it was a pleasure before, here is to another great project with them!

( I am also excited to work with Eoin, can’t leave him out!)


Assessed from the BBC – 07-11-16

This is our script which its contents read about a robbery that happened in the 1960’s of a unknown person or persons that had stolen some radioactive material consisting of scrapings of paint used on the likes of luminous watches or compasses.

When we came together to talk about the story it seemed pretty vague with the information and admittedly i could not find any relevant information of this news coverage online or in the online archives on the BBC website – Cassie then suggested we ruled out key points of the story.

For myself personally i feel the main highlights of the story are the following:

Location – Mill Hill, London

Radioactive material is present

A risk of contamination in later life

“Scrapings of the illuminated paint used on luminous watches and compasses” 

From this we will now be looking toward some secondary content that will hopefully inspire us on how the short will go!